Sunday, 1 November 2009

DVD shows Nirvana at its artistic peak 'Live at Reading'

Performance at England's Nirvana's 1992 Reading Festival is impossible to separate from its historical significance, which is this: Nirvana was at the time ascending to biggest-band-in-the-world status, and their 90-minute, 25 song set at Reading officially put them there.
This was August '92, a year after "Nevermind" reset the expectations and aesthetics of modern pop music. This was a headlining slot at Reading, one of the longest-running, traditionally career-making music festivals in the world. And this was Nirvana at its artistic peak.
All factors conspired for a Zeitgeist-defining moment. Seventeen years later, "Live at Reading" — an oft-bootlegged concert film released for the first time in 5.1 Surround Sound, currently remastered under the supervision of Kurt Cobain's estate and the remaining members of the band — proves Nirvana not only lived up to the opportunity, they smashed it to slivers and walked away grinning.
So go ahead and acknowledge "Live at Reading's" prodigious history and hype, but know it's the music that makes the film essential; every song builds the case. Every song builds momentum, force-of-naturelike, well beyond the mid-set rendition of "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Nirvana's unexpected chart-topper and presumed house-bringer-downer, to a critical mass unattainable any other time or place.
Here "Teen Spirit," MTV-sponsored jingle of Generation X, is toyed with — bassist Krist Novoselic starting it with the lyrics to Boston's "More Than a Feeling," its classic rock touchstone, before the band launches into the tune proper — and then dispatched with a long, violent coda. Songs before and after are given equal energy, most from "Nevermind" but several from Nirvana's Sub Pop debut "Bleach" and three from their final record, 1993's "In Utero," as well as a few covers. The sum is a performance of sublime intensity.
Humor is prevalent throughout. Singer/guitarist Cobain seems as much in thrall to his music and fame as amused by it. At the start of the set, he's carted onstage in a wheelchair, vegetablish in hospital gown and longhaired wig — a nod to his stint in rehab earlier that year. "With the support of his friends and family, he's gonna make it," Novoselic tells the crowd. Cobain struggles to the mic, croons the opening line to Bette Midler's drug-damage anthem "The Rose" ("Some say love/it is a river"), crumples to the floor. Then he gets up and the band drills into a series of songs — "Breed," "Drain You," "Aneurysm," "In Bloom," "Come As You Are," "Lithium," "Polly," "On a Plain" — indelible to even the most truant student of alternative rock. Played with cathartic, punch-in-the-face magnitude, they defile purist and puritanical notions of pop music in three-minute blasts. The band is blindly focused; the crowd is shell-shocked. Cobain spends the entire performance in his invalid's smock.
A highlight: Cobain, unshaven, unwashed, beautiful, tells the crowd, "This song is dedicated to my 12-day-old daughter, and my wife. She thinks everybody hates her." Aware of the document being filmed around him, he leads a crowdwide chant — some 60,000 people — of "Courtney, we love you!" then goes into "All Apologies." It's perhaps Nirvana's greatest song, revealed a year before its official release, and played with such gravity it feels near collapse.
Post-encore the band veers into less familiar territory, dropping early singles/covers "Spank Thru" and "Love Buzz" and covering Sub Poppers the Wipers ("D-7") and felonious Berkeley punks Fang ("The Money Will Roll Right In"). After set closer "Territorial Pissings," Cobain, Novoselic and drummer Dave Grohl dispassionately demolish their instruments. A few minutes of bloody-knuckled noise, and then Cobain descends into the crowd and passes his guitar, still humming, to the worshipful front row.
The DVD's sound quality is pristine; camerawork is intimate, unobtrusive. Focus remains on the band; the crowd is given scant screen time. Only distraction is a guy named Tony who dances a kooky freestyle un-dance onstage for several songs. Annoying as he is, Tony only makes the band look cooler. He's the sole reminder that we're in the '90s and "Live at Reading" is a throwback. Otherwise this performance exists outside of history as much as it encapsulates it.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Reading Festival chiefs to MP turns up heat

Shocking reports of marauding sottish mobs and terrifying fires on the final night of Reading Festival have prompted a call for action by the Reading West MP.
Martin Salter has written to Reading Borough Council (RBC) calling for a meeting of licensing officers, police and even arranger Festival Republic to find out why for the second year running fires were allowed to burn on the campsite.
Reading Festival goers ‘in fear of their lives’
Mr Salter said: “The 2008 Reading Festival caused much disputation and alarum when on the last evening at the campsites huge fires were lit, youths were seen throwing petrol and gas canisters on to the flames and yobs stole tents of other festival goers before using them to keep the fires alight.
“Sadly, those who upset the same would be true this year have been proved right. Attempts by the arrangers at banning gas canisters were clearly impressive and tent theft appeared more popular than ever.”
When he was a councillor, Mr Salter chaired the RBC committee creditworthy for the return of the Reading Festival after a three year absence in the 1980s.
He added: “I am now really upset that these minor riots are becoming both fashionable and an almost expected climax to the last night at the rock festival.
“It really is up to the police, council and festival arrangers to take concerted action to root out the troublemakers and restore the report of Reading as one of the finest and safest music festivals in the world.
“Some festival goers have advised the arrangers should introduce an ID system similar to Glastonbury so that known troublemakers can be identified, prosecuted and banned for life.
“With tickets changing hands for sums in excess of £200 I do not believe that the cost of such a scheme want be an issue.
“These techniques have been used to root out troublemakers from the football terraces so I am sure they can be of benefit in dealing with those irresponsible morons who think it is fun to steal and burn other people’s possessions and to put fellow festival-goers in unnecessary danger.”
A man who worked on the site throughout the festival who asked not to be named told getreading a “gang of roughly 250 people” not only physically blocked fire lanes to stop fire crews getting through but also prevented medical teams attending “numerous overdosing 16 year olds”.
He said there was a delay of 20 minutes before a woman in anaphylactic shock could be treated.
He said purple campsite was the worst “nicknamed the riot zone” and added: “I personally worked at 11 festivals this year and Reading Festival is the only one causing me to still have nightmares and physically throw up when recalling details about it.”

Thursday, 3 September 2009

DVD finally set for official release Nirvana 'Live At Reading Festival'

An official DVD and CD release of Nirvana's seminal performance at the Reading Festival in 1992 is set for release on November 2.The package features picture of the performance, which took place on August 30, 1992 and is considered by many to be one of the wonderful performances ever at the festival. The CD variation of the performance features the setlist (below) minus 'Love Buzz'.CD only and DVD only variation of the departure will be issued on the same day as the DVD package, while a double 12 inch vinyl version will come out on November 16.The package will be the first official departure of the gig, although an unofficial DVD of the performance, entitled 'Life Takes No Prisoners', was departured last May.

The setlist for 'Nirvana Live At Reading' is:
'Drain You'
'In Bloom'
'Come As You Are'
'About A Girl'
'Lounge Act'
'Smells Like Teen Spirit'
'On A Plain'
'Negative Creep'
'Been A Son'
'All Apologies'
'Stay Away'
'Spank Thru'
'Love Buzz'
'The Money Will Roll Right In'
'Territorial Pissings'

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Festival weather watch to Reading and Leeds

With Reading and Leeds to kick off in just two days time, we take a look at the weather preview for both festivals.
Reading Festival is set for a cloudy start on Friday (28 August) with highs of 16C before a sunny Saturday (29 August) will reach 19C.Sunday (30 August) is set to be the warmest of the weekend with highs of 20C i spite of the weather only being fair.Things don’t look enough as excellent up the M1 in Leeds, though. Festival goers can expect it to be cloudy both Friday (28 August) and Saturday (29 August) with highs of 14C on both days.Sunday (30 August) is looking a little better, but it is still set to be partly cloudy. Temperatures should reach 17C though.Kings Of Leon, Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead are set to headline Reading Festival 2009 and Leeds Festival 2009.Tickets for both adventure are sold out, but secondary ticketing platform Viagogo are offering tickets right up the adventure, with festival goers able to buy online and pick up at the gate.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Police: Warning to Reading festival goers about scam tickets

Music lovers preparing to go to Reading Festival are being desire by police not to buy tickets from unauthorised websites.
The warning follows results of some scam websites, which tell people to collect non existent tickets on site.
Ch Insp Dave Parker, who is leading the policing operation, said: “There is care that we could be turning away some disappointed people from the site, who have handed over money for festival tickets which do not really exist.
“The Reading Festival website contains a list of ticket websites which have not been delivered with tickets to sell and our suggestion is to stay clear of those sites.
“If people do hand over money and don’t receive the tickets we will of track accompany out an investigation, but we would desire people to avoid these websites in the first place.”
Police are also desiring people without tickets to stay away from the venue.
Ch Insp Parker added: “If you haven’t got a ticket there is no chance of getting in to the festival site. There will not be any tickets accessible to buy at the site.”

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Reading Festival early with Club NME

Club NME is set to stage a one-off night to kick off the Reading Festival (August 28-20) early this year. A special event will take place on the Thursday before the festival (August 27), allowing those who appear on site early to get into the festival spirit accurate away.The night will take place at the Rivermead Leisure Centre, deposit close to the festival site, with White Lies booked to play a DJ set. Club NME DJs Jeff Automatic and Simon Subsonic will also be spinning tunes. Club NME: Reading Festival kicks off at 9pm (BST) and goes on until 3am.The accident is only open to those with wristbands for the festival and costs+ £5 on the door.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Reading Festival granted permission to get bigger and louder

The organisers of Reading Festival have been given permission to expand the capacity of the event over the next two years.

around the site (1)

Reading Borough Council licensing applications sub-committee agreed, on Friday, to increase the size of the festival from it's current capacity of 78,500 ticket holders to 82,000 next year, and then to 85,000 for the 2011 event. Reading Festival organiser Melvin Benn and Festival Republic also succeeded in being allowed to increase the number of early arrivals, who enter on Wednesday, from 7,500 to 20,000.

The festival has also been given permission to turn up the volume. The council have given permission for sound levels on site to increase from 98 decibels to 107 decibels.

An extra 3,500 tickets to this year's festival held on August bank holiday are now available only to residents of the Borough of Reading (one per resident) until Friday 31st July (midnight). This includes all residents with RG1 postcodes. Reading Borough Council residents within RG2, RG4, RG6, RG30 and RG31 are also eligible - all applications from these postcode areas will be checked that they fall within Reading Borough Council's boundary. Residents of Mapledurham Village are also eligible for tickets, any left over will go on general sale on Saturday 1st August.

Those festival goers who are eligible must register via email before Friday 31st July in order to be emailed the ticket link. Registration must include name, address and how festival goers are planning to travel to the festival. Those who apply and are eligible will be sent the link from Monday 3rd August to buy one ticket.

Drug clamp down at Reading Festival

A SENIOR police officer has issued a warning to drug dealers planning to cash in on next month's Reading Festival.

Supt Steve Kirk said his officers will focus on the festival's camping areas rather than the main arena where performances take place from Friday, August 28 until Bank Holiday Monday, August 31.

Supt Kirk said: "We will focus on the tent area and will concentrate on drug dealers, but it is a neighbourhood policing approach really. We have split up the site into different areas and the officers assigned to an area get to know the festival stewards and campers and work with them."

On Friday Reading Festival supremo Melvin Benn confirmed that 3,500 weekend tickets will be made available for fans living inside the borough boundary and that it will be louder this year after licensing chiefs gave organisers permission to turn the volume up.

BBQ caused Reading Festival blaze

A huge blaze at the Reading Festival which spread to 19 vehicles in a car park was started accidently with a barbecue, police have revealed.

The alarm was raised at about 1600 BST on Saturday when music fans saw smoke billowing into the air.

The fire was under control within an hour and no-one was injured.

The three-day festival, which began on Friday, attracted 80,000 people. Thames Valley Police recorded 294 offences and made 56 arrests in total.

Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service said the fire spread to the grass and then to each car.

Twelve were totally burned and a number of others had heat damage in the festival's white car park in Mapledurham, a spokeswoman said.

Music fans enjoyed headliners Rage Against the Machine on Friday night with The Killers topping the bill on Saturday.

Reading Festival bans flags

The move was announced quietly on the official website's 'General Information' section under the heading 'No Flags'.

It reads: “Flags won't be allowed in the arena. They restrict the view of people behind.”

No other reason has been given and no such announcement has been made regarding sister festival Leeds.

Flags have a permanent fixture at festivals such as Reading and Glastonbury for years, with many fans waving the flag of their country or favourite football team or a slogan aimed at their favourite band.

It is believed this is the first time such a move has been made at a European festival.Reading Festival Tickets takes place at Richfield Avenue, Reading between 28-30 August and features headline sets from Kings Of Leon, Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead as well as appearances from Faith No More and The Prodigy.

Both Reading and Leeds are sold out, but there are passes available from the festivals' official secondary outlet Viagogo. We've teamed up with the company to offer you 10% of off Reading tickets.


Originally a jazz and blues event back in the 1960s, Reading has since left both genres in the past and is now widely regarded as one of the most essential rock festivals of the UK season. The August Bank Holiday weekender rotates its line-up with Leeds Festival, so those up north don't miss the action either.

With the event fully focused on the music organisers regularly pull out all the stops to deliver a monster line-up that mixes the world's biggest names alongside plenty of emerging talent.

Rage Against The Machine, The Killers and Metallica were all booked on English festival exclusives in 2008, so expect more coups for Reading 2009 as a healthy fill of top indie, punk, ska, hip hop, dance and comedy on the five smaller stages.

The campsite has a legendary reputation for hard drinking and partying after the main arena closes, though others may wish to stay in the luxury of a pod pad, which are available to rent over the weekend. Visit www.podpads.comless

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Bridgewater to Reading Festival set for Sept. 19

Now that the Super Summer Reader Night at TD Bank Ballpark is behind us, we're gearing up for our Reading Festival on Sept. 19 at the Barnes & Noble in Bridgewater.
The festival will feature some special event, including a book character costume competition and the announcement of the winners of our short story competition. For details on both events, see also will be distributing Barnes & Noble certificates to club members who have been arbitary selected to receive them based upon the reviews written and drawn that they have sent in to us. We have two more weeks left to the program, and allowance more certificates to share, so please send us your reviews. And remember that all age levels, including adults, are eligible to receive gifts.The 21st annual Super Summer Reader Club is presenter by the Courier News, the Home News Tribune and Pledge coupons appear in the newspaper every Saturday and Sunday.
Co-sponsors include the Somerset County Education Association, the Somerset Patriots, Applebee's restaurants, Learning Express of Hillsborough and Branchburg, Barnes & Noble and the Somerset County Library System.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Reading Festival To Ban Flags?

Reading Festival have understand taken the unprecedented step of banning flags from this year's event. With the colourful cloth of this festival based standards reaching critical mass at this year's Glastonbury, Reading has become the first major festival in the UK to ban the items.
“Reading Festival Flags won't be allowed in the arena. They restrict the view of people behind." There appears do not be allowed in the similar statement on the Leeds site, however.
The most loyal and volatile fans of Reading Festival, so it's thought that news won't be taken well from a crowd that famously "bottled off" 50 Cent after his appearance at the 2004 didn't go down too well with the rock faithful.
The festival takes place over the weekend of August 28 to 30 and features Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead all with an unrestricted view.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Capacity Increase in Festival

Councillors backed organisers' plans to boost this year's capacity of 78,500 ticketholders and 4,999 guests to 82,000 next year and 85,000 from 2011.Resident groups had raised concerns over an increase in noise and a condition to ensure levels are "adequate" has been included.This year's event, from 28-30 August, will feature Arctic Monkeys.Organiser Melvin Benn also won agreement for the number of "early arrivals" permitted to be increased from 7,500 to 20,000.These allow festival-goers to enter the site at 1800 BST on the Wednesday instead of Thursday.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Saturday 29th August at The Reading Festival

NOAH AND THE WHALE are ready to start rise to prominence. you can listen to their music previews at – information tent is now located on Piccadilly Circus it will be open 24 hours from 2pm on wednesday till 1pm .Weekend tickets include camping and cost £175.Day tickets do not include camping and cost £70.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Reading Festival, this line-up rocks!

Wow! This year’s Reading Festival line-up is one of the best I’ve seen in years.

See below for the line-up so far

Nashville’s Kings of Leon have enjoyed a few penultimate headlining stints on the main stage in the past, but after winning two Brit awards this year the sons of Pentecostal evangelical preacher Leon are hitting the headlining slot.

Arctic Monkeys take their Sheffield social realism to Saturday’s headlining slot, starting life at Reading Festival back in 1995 on what was known as the Carling Stage. Already back then the small tent, reserved mainly for breaking bands, was rammed and spilling out from all sides. And, for once, Sunday’s main stage line-up is one I can’t resist.

Normally the home of the hard rock element to the festival, this year sees Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bloc Party and then the mighty Radiohead headline. Last playing in 1994, securing Radiohead highlights that organisers Festival Republic are really pulling out all the stops – perhaps in competition to Glastonbury, or perhaps to encourage punters to fork out £175 in this economic climate. It’s clearly worked, as weekend tickets are sold out.

It’s also good to see White Lies already confirmed on the bill. BBC Radio Berkshire has a bit of a connection with the band as Maggie Philbin’s daughter is dating the lead singer. Glasvegas used to play the tiny Rising Sun Arts Centre as part of Club Velocity, so it’s great to see the Scots billed on the Radio One/NME stage too. Of course the stage I’ll be most excited about is the BBC Introducing one, showcasing the best of the bands who are unsigned, undiscovered and under the radar.

The line-up so far

Main stage


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Reading Festival 2008 Clips

Reading Festival History in my own words

Reading festival began in 1983 when I joined for the first time; the weekend also being my first festival of any kind, ever.

The standout moments for me of that weekend were the friendship in the campsite; the way that so my people with a similar taste in music could meet up for a weekend, once a year and have such great time. We made friends with people in the nearby tents and being a ‘rock’ crowd, there was no trouble or anger of any kind, just a lot of like minded people having great fun at what would be the highlight of their year!

The bands that year were mostly Rock and Metal, but for me the stand out performance was by Hanoi Rocks, at the time, a little known band from Finland, who put in the show of the day on the Friday and gradually built a following after this gig. If they hadn’t imploded in the late 80’s they would have been as big as Guns ‘n’ Roses, who have cited them as a major influence.
As the years have flown by, many performances have stood out, Wonderstuff in ’88, Nirvana in ’91 & ’92, Fishbone in ’93, Ben Folds Five in ’96, Metallica in ’97 & ’03 and My Chemical Romance in ’05. But, of all the bands I have seen and all the comedians I have watched, it all boils down to one thing

It was after 21 years that I decided to write the Official History of the festival (someone had to) and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career so far. Now, halfway through the second volume of the book, I am meeting up with bands and artists who didn’t make the first volume (for whatever reason), from Travis to The Twang, from Saxon to Seasick Steve and many hundreds of others, all keen to talk to me about their experiences at the greatest outdoor show of the summer.

Reading Festival Tickets Agents

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Reading Festival Tickets Advice

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Tickets will be sold at The Online Ticket Shop and other ticket agents such as HMV this as 2009 as usual but rather than the day after the online release, it will be on the same day as the online release. They will go on sale at 7pm on Monday, 30th March

Reading Oracle is the only HMV that will be selling Day Tickets and also you can buy on The Online Ticket Shop.

HMV's participating are High Wycombe, Kingston, Newbury, Oxford, Portsmouth, Reading Friar St, Reading Oracle, Slough, Southampton, Staines, Swindon, Winchester. These stores are subject to change

28 Aug 09
Reading Festival Tickets
Richfield Avenue
Reading, United Kingdom
Seating Plan

29 Aug 09
Reading Festival Saturday Only Tickets
Day Ticket Only
Richfield Avenue
Reading, United Kingdom
Seating Plan

30 Aug 09
Reading Festival Sunday Only Tickets
Day Ticket Only
Richfield Avenue
Reading, United Kingdom
Seating Plan

All Reading Festival Tickets are available on The Online Ticket Shop.

Reading Festival Travel Information

Shuttle Boat Services

Green Boats

This year we have again increased the amount of boats on the Green shuttle boats service. This service runs from Kings Meadow car park (Green car park) and goes straight to and from site and takes about 5 mins on the river. It's free and the service starts when the campsites open and runs through until campsites close on Monday lunchtime. On Wed for Early Birds ticket holders only the service runs til midnight.

On Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun it runs from 8am til 1am.

Private Coaches

Anyone wanting to bring their private coach to the Festival must apply via email to

Please note all persons must have valid standard tickets.

It is free to bring a coach to Reading Festival. You will be sent further routing and gate information nearer the event via email.

Private Coaches will park in a public car park and should arrive at gate - TBC


Rail and Bus Plus Scheme

You can walk to site from Reading station which is approximately a 15 minute walk from the site, but if you prefer you will be able to get a shuttle bus as Reading Bus shuttle buses will take you from the station to the site and back. Please see their website for further information and their timetable.

See also information on the Plus Bus scheme whereby you can buy your bus ticket at the same time that you buy your train ticket -

Shuttle buses

There are Reading Bus shuttle buses that run from the train station to the site.

Reading Shuttle Buses


Wednesday 20th August 2008

From Reading Station 1400 1420 1440 1500 1520 1600 1610 1620 1630 1640 1650 1700 1710 1720 1730 1740 1750 1800

Caversham Road 1420 1440 1500 1520 1600 1620 1630 1640 1650 1700 1710 1720 1730 1740 1750 1800 1810 1820

Reading Station 1440 1500 1520 1540 1600 1620 1640 1650 1700 1710 1720 1730 1740 1750 1800 1800 1820 1830 1840

Reading Fesitval aritists chances to come

  • 36 Crazyfists Sunday Main Stage Very High
  • AC/DC Sunday Main Medium
  • Arctic Monkeys Saturday Main Very High
  • Billy Talent Friday or Sunday. Main Medium
  • Black Lips Any Any Very High
  • Bowling For Soup Sunday Main Medium
  • Bring Me The Horizon Unknown NME or low down on Main High
  • Bronx Saturday lockup High
  • Death Cab For Cutie Any Any Medium
  • Eagles of Death Metal Saturday Main Medium

Reading Festival - Gallery

Monday, 23 March 2009

List of UK Summer Festivals

* Bickershaw festival (defunct)
* BlastOff! Festival
* Bolton Music Showcase
* Collision Course Festival
* Damnation Festival
* Download Festival
* Endless Festival
* Give it a Name Festival
* Isle of Wight Festival
* Lillith Fair
* Marvellous festivals
* Projekt Revolution
* Knebworth (occasional)
* Reading and Leeds Festivals
* Summer Sundae
* T in the Park
* Tennents ViTal
* Uxfest
* V Festival
* Y Not Festival
* PigStock

Above the list of Famous UK summer festival. They are so much famous not only in UK but also all over the world. People come from different parts of the world to see these festival. Its very difficult to get tickets of all those festival events.

Reading Festival 2009

The pre-book for 2009 tickets officially sold out with in two days. An additional let go is planned to take place on March 30 at 7.00PM There will be no tickets sold on the door in 2009. This was confirmed by a press release by Reading council. So, this is a good chance to buy Tickets as soon as possible.

Fri, 28 Aug 09

Reading Festival Tickets

Reading Festival
Reading, United Kingdom
(Seating Plan)

All Reading Festival Tickets are available on The Online ticket Shop.

Reading Festival - 2008

The Reading Festivals took place on the weekend of the 22 to 24 August. In 2008, Reading Festival Tickets had been released on March 31 at 6:45pm and sold out within 2 hours. Reading Festival Tickets sold out in just one hour.This was the first year "BBC Introducing..." had a stage at the festival.
The 2008 Reading Festival saw a great number of site changes, including relocation of the wristband exchange to the external gates, the Reading Festival Bridge over the River Thames in order to connect the white campsite to the main area, and numerous security enhancements.
A set of the box office changes resulting in disorderly lines of as many as 50 people or more wide at places and higher demand than previous years due to several festival-goers having purchased tickets from fake websites, meant that people queued for 15 hours or more in some cases.

Reading Festival - The Annual Summer Festvial

The Reading and Leeds Festivals are a combination of annual summer music festivals that held in Reading and Leeds in the United Kingdom and are organize by Festival Republic. The events take place simultaneously on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the August bank holiday weekend, sharing the same bill save one or two exceptions. Between 1998 and 2007 the dual festivals were known officially as the "Carling Weekend", until parting ways with their sponsor Carling in November 2007.